Turbi delivers world class quality turbines that are an exact fit for your handpiece. In under five minutes, and with the help of our how-to videos, you or your staff will be repairing handpieces. The repairs cost considerably less and last longer.

Forget about the hassle of packaging, mailing out, and then waiting for an estimate. Doing it yourself will cut repair costs in half and last longer.

Turbi is a better solution. Simply order our quality turbines and quickly repair your own handpieces. Even inventory turbines and reduce your downtime to zero.

Spending the last decade in the handpiece repair business brought us to the conclusion that dentists want efficient and cost effective solutions.   

If for any reason you cannot execute the repair, simply send us the handpiece and turbine. Ask us for a prepaid postage label and we will fix your handpiece at no additional cost.

Join the next chapter in handpiece repair.