Introducing “Turbine Dr.”, the smartphone app to test your handpieces!

This revolutionary tool uses the sound signal from your air-driven dental handpiece to diagnose the operating condition of your handpiece. This product is available at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play Store.

The app has two modes:


Using “Turbine Dr.” in Diagnosis mode allows users to check the running condition of their air-driven handpieces.

The user is prompted to input their handpiece model and the drive air pressure for the handpiece. Please note that the drive air pressure should be measured as close as possible to the handpiece.

The app will measure and display the handpiece’s speed and will check this speed against our database. We have plotted the pressure/speed curves for 30 of the most common air-driven dental handpieces on the market today. This data, together with detailed know-how of handpiece performance and lifetime, allow us to make a determination on the overall health of your handpiece. Finally, “Turbine Dr.” will make a recommendation as to whether or not your handpiece should be serviced.

RPM Check

RPM Check mode is pretty self-explanatory: when the handpiece is run at full speed next to the phone, the app will simply display the running speed of your handpiece


  • Turbine Dr. can only be used for air-driven high-speed turbine-style dental handpieces. It will not work for motor-driven contra-angle handpieces or dental motors.