kavo turbine

Turbi offers turbines that are manufactured to the highest standards. Higher quality turbines drastically impact the performance of your handpieces.  Not all turbines are created equal, in fact it isn't even close. I will use an analogy that most of you are familiar with, gasoline. Performance car engines such as Porsche or Cadillac specify higher octane, or premium gas. Higher octane gas is always more expensive but it is a necessity if you want your high performance engine to perform. The same is true with your handpiece.  Kavo, Midwest, and Star are the most ubiquitous handpiece brands in North America and are all premium. To cut properly and to perform to the manufacture standards only premium turbines should be used.

All Turbi products perform at or better than the specifications set by the manufacture.  Cheaper or less expensive options may be found on the internet but the doctor is compromising performance by choosing a lesser option.  Same goes with reliability and safety but I will save that for a different post.

It's easy to say you have a high quality product, everyone says that. But what is it that we put into our product that determines that high quality? 


We only use bearings with ceramic balls and stainless steel inner and outer rings. Our advanced cage material that holds the balls is robust which helps withstand repeated autoclaving.   


Next we anodize the impeller to reduce corrosion and improve hygiene. Corrosion happens when dentists clean or wash the handpeice prior to sterilization. While cleaning the handpiece is not required by law, it helps keep the handpiece performing. If you have dirt or debris in your handpiece and then sterilize it you are killing all the bacteria but your not cleaning it. The dirt in the handpiece then becomes sterilized dirt but it is still there. Examples of handpiece cleaning devices include Kavo's QUATTROcare (https://www.kavo.com/en-us/handpieces-small-equipment/quattrocare-plus-maintenance) or W&H's Assistina (https://www.wh.com/en_global/dental-products/sterilization-hygienic-maintenance/reprocessing-devices/assistina301/).  Both of these lubricate and disinfect.  A device common in Europe but not common in North America is Sirona's DAC (https://www.dentsplysirona.com/en/explore/infection-control-systems/dac-universal.html). We suspect that the DAC's high price tag has kept it out of dental offices in the USA. 

Axis Components

Laser wielding the various parts in the spindle insures they never adjust. Many others glue and not wield the components.

Balance Rotors

Our turbines are balanced at .2 mgmm which reduces vibration when using the handpiece. Think about if your cars wheels are not balanced, you feel it in the steering wheel as you drive. The same principle applies here. Having precision balance will make it easier for dentists to do their job and also lowers the noise of the handpiece.

We balance our spindle/impeller before we put on the bearings. We believe this is a better process because it doesn't introduce aluminum dust from the impeller into the bearings. 

High Quality Stainless Steel Components

Steel within the turbine is hardened stainless steel which reduces corrosion. 

Traceability: Serial Number

All products are tested through the production process. Checking retention force of chuck and concentricity or run-out. We can refer back to our testing based on the serial number. Additionally turbines that are not marked and traceable should never be used in a dental setting.

All our high quality turbines come packaged with a wrench to quickly and easily remove the back cap.  Follow our 5 minute video for your specific handpiece and reduce your downtime to zero.