Identifying the Make/Model of Your Handpiece

The Turbi revolution is underway and dentists or their team members are now fixing their own handpieces. This is saving bundles of money, time, and their handpieces perform better than ever.

A question that has come in from a handful of our customers is, “how do I know what type of handpiece I am using?”  The answer is simple. On every handpiece the make and model is engraved or printed on the shaft near the bottom.  

Be sure that when you purchase your turbine you notate the entire make and model number.  For example, Star makes the 430 LubeFree and the 430 LubeFree Torque. The slight variation actually calls for a completely different turbine. If you ever have question about your make/model be sure to call Turbi directly before ordering and we will help sort it out.

Happy fixing!