Dental Bearing

Over time, your air driven or electric handpieces will need to be repaired. These repairs always involve bearings. The quality of bearing has a tremendous impact on performance and durability.

Repairs Last Longer:

Handpieces spin at tremendously high RPM's and feel daily stress from constant sterilization. Versus steel balls, ceramic is harder and will never corrode. These factors greatly increase the lifespan of the bearings and therefore repairs last longer.   

Handpieces perform better:

Ceramic balls require less torque to spin the bearing because they are rounder than steel. As they lower the friction, more energy is pushed to the spindle which causes better handpiece performance.

Turbi uses only ceramic bearings for our turbines. We have an industry best 1 year warranty on every turbine. The bottom line: use Turbi and your handpieces will perform better, last longer and repairs will cost half of what your national dealer or repair guy charge. 

The handpiece revolution is here. Join the DIY movement.