Shhhhhhhh.  Don't tell Dr. Maria how easy it is to repair her own handpieces.

The hidden secret that the dealers, manufacturers, or repair guys won't share is how easy it is to put a turbine into a broken handpiece. Simply remove the back cap with a special wrench, take out the turbine, and insert the replacement turbine.  In less than 5 minutes your handpiece will run like new. 

To bridge the gap, Turbi has created videos for every single make and model. The videos will guide you or your team member in the repair.  Think of it like this; your handpiece breaks and instead of calling your dealer or repair guy your office manager goes into your cabinet and pulls out a replacement turbine to fix the handpiece.  She flips on the Turbi video and in 5 minutes that handpiece is returned to the rotation.  If that isn't the most efficient way to fix handpieces we don't know what is.  If for any reason your having a tough time with the repair simply call us and we will guide you through it. 

When you order a turbine, a free back cap wrench that matches your handpiece is included.  Turbi uses earth friendly recyclable cartons.

Turbi is revolutionizing handpiece repair. Take our word for it, in a couple years every office will be handling handpiece repair in house and for half the cost.