Are You Only Playing Your Starting Five, Doctor?

Basketball teams use five players on the court at one time. So why do teams bother to have rosters of more than twice that? If teams only played their starting five, they would lose almost every game. The same principle applies with your handpieces. Similar to tired players getting a rest, tired handpieces also need a rest. 


When your handpiece is on the bench (sterilizer), do you have enough in your rotation? If you do not have at least three handpieces per operatory, the answer is no. Not having enough handpieces stresses out you, your team, and the handpiece.

Handpiece manufactures recommend a minimum of three handpieces per operatory. Some even recommend four. You should rotate your handpiece per the following: 

  • one in the sterilizer
  • one in prep
  • one in use

Lets assume you follow the manufacturers recommendation and rotate 3-4 handpieces per operatory. What happens when one breaks, how about two or three more? In most offices, broken handpieces end up in a bin or drawer. Soon the situation turns critical as the number of functional handpieces decreases. Turbi customers do not end up in this jam because they stock extra turbines in their office.When a handpiece breaks it is immediately repaired.

Scrambling to call your repair guy or mailing it to the dealer is a thing of the past.

Welcome to repairing your own handpiece in under five minutes. Welcome to the Turbi revolution.