Hey Doctor - Use Every Handpiece Every Day

You have a full slate of patients today and you realize three of your handpieces are broken. Mailing them to the repair guy will take several days and won’t pull you out of this quagmire. There is a simple solution; stocking turbines in your inventory. This enables you to repair your handpiece TODAY and in under 5 minutes

You’ve never stocked turbines before?

Your national supply distributor hasn’t told you that repairing a high speed handpiece is simple and takes only a couple minutes?  

Dental offices everywhere have reduced downtime to zero because they repair their handpieces using handpiece repair kits from Turbi.

All kits include a back-cap wrench and a “How to Video”. With Turbi, your handpiece will be fixed in under 5 minutes.

All turbines have a 1 year warranty (but will last way longer). Shipping is FREE.

Join the DIY revolution, stop mailing out handpieces, and solve your repair problem.